. (Georgia) NEO NEO Aesthetic - ნეო ნეო ესთეტიკური კლინიკა

Neo Neo - Neo-Neo Aestetic Clinic!

Perfectly Technology Name is Neo-Neo Aestetic Clinic!

ჩვენ შესახებ

The Neo Neo Aesthetic Clinic is one of Georgia’s most sort after cosmetic skin & laser boutique clinics. Founded by expert skin specialist. The Neo Neo Aesthetic Clinic combines expertise with state of the art treatments, delivered in a high-end boutique practice, at an affordable price point.

Leader in the field of Aesthetic

We Have Newest Technique To do our Job well

Friendly and comfortable environment

Our clients will be served by experienced specialists

modern standards

Our clinic is equipped with modern standards

Our Services

The Neo-Neo Aesthetic Clinic works in the field of medicine. The clinic is distinguished with the latest equipment and a variety of services that are constantly updated. Highly qualified specialists will provide high quality, effective and safe services to gynecology, cosmetology and dermatology. We also present advanced technologies for correction of solarium and body shape.


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