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;hat is aesthetic gynecology?

An experienced doctor in the field of aesthetic gynecology will help you to solve the most intimate problems:

Perinoplasty – correction of vaginal walls and introduction (Reducing measures, scarring treatments);



Point G augmentation (for vaginal orgasm)

Removal of papules and condoms of external genital organs by radioactive method.

Clitoplasty – Increase the chapter and pocket of the clitoris (to achieve orgasm);

Perinoplasty (weakening of vaginal muscles and wasting)

Urinary stress incontinence;

Feeling inconvenient and inconvenient in the vagina.


How are procedures implemented?

All the procedures of aesthetic gynecology are conducted by local anesthesia from 30 to 60 minutes. Aesthetic gynecology involves injection procedures without surgery. The only exception is the labioplasty, coronation of the lips that are performed using the scalpel but still local anesthesia.

The type of procedure depends on the type of problem:

Expanded vagina

In most cases it happens after childbirth, it significantly reduces the sensitivity of both partners. We put  filler into the vaginal mucosa to narrow it.  The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes and is completely safe.  The effect of the procedure is instantaneous. There are also procedures for laser technology, which reduces the volume of the vagina.

Urinary incontinence

This problem is easily and successfully resolved by fillers. The gynecologist performs microinjection near the urinary tract. In this way, the sphincter is strengthened  and create new artificial pressure  which helps us to avoid unwanted urination.

Insufficient orgasm or  its complete absence.

To place a filler into the clitoral and   increase the volume of the G zone – is an aesthetic procedure, which allows women  to feel the sense of orgasm and take an intimate proximity to a new level.

Dryness of vaginal mucosa

The cause may be different: starting from hormonal, age and ending – the periods of diets when when the mucous membranes decrease, the result is discomfort and microcracks.To solve the situation we use plaserotherapy sessions and biorevitalization that moisturize and rejuvenate the vaginal mucosa.


Effect of aesthetic gynecology

The majority of patients who have prescribed aesthetic procedures in the intimate zone,  note that they have  improvement of sexual sensitivity, physiological and psychological comfort; Increase self-esteem; More frequent orgasm; Improve the libido; The best moisturizing mucosa; Update density of skin;

How long does the effect persist?

Effect of intimate cosmetology lasts for 6-9 months, after which the procedure may be repeated. Libioplastikis effect is infinite.

Are there any contraindications or complications?

Expert opinion:

First of all, keep in mind the doctor’s recommendations. A qualified doctor will only do what you need and what is necessary for you. Before the procedure occasionally requires standard analyzes to understand the current situation of the patient and prevent unwanted consequences. All procedures are carried out in sterile conditions, which also provide the safety of the procedure. A qualified doctor and best clinic is a guarantee of success.

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