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You know those little red lines that appear around the nose or on your cheeks…and stubbornly resist cover-up? Capillaries have a number of causes which includes environmental and genetic factors, skin type, and even natural aging. While people who have fair skin are more prone to develop broken capillaries, especially on the face, almost anyone can suffer from this problem at one point or another.

The most common treatment for broken capillaries is laser surgery, and as with any treatment for this problem, you should first consider its potential impact on your skin. During laser treatment, light pulses are sent into the veins, which impede their blood flow and eventually destroys them. After several treatments, the affected veins collapse away from the surface of the skin, leaving it smooth and blemish-free.

While laser treatment for broken capillaries can be used on nearly any part of the body, this option is most often utilized on the face, where a highly targeted treatment approach is required. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, which means it does not require a hospital stay and has a relatively quick recovery time.

Laser apparatus LUMENIS M22 can banish cappilars. By delivering broadband light in highly focused pulses, IPL provides pinpoint accuracy to capillary removal that won’t disturb healthy tissue or other blood vessels in the area. Veins disappear. And there’s nothing to show you’ve had anything done, except clearer, younger-looking skin.

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