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Non-surgical injection methods for smoothing out mimic wrinkles are more and more frequent methods. The advantage is that these are less invasive.
At Aesthetic Clinic “Neo Neo” two kinds of injections are used. The first type are botulinum toxin injections which relax sc. dynamic wrinkles by means of relaxing mimical muscles. The other method are sc. filler injections when hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin and hypodermis. Hyaluronic acid smoothes out the wrinkles with its fluid.

Botulinum toxin A is a substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum which blocks the impulse in the nerve-muscle transmission. This effect is used in mimic wrinkles correction.

Botulinum toxin injection has its result in reducing mimical muscles activity, smoothing out of wrinkles, and blocking creation of new mimical wrinkles or at least reducing deepening of the current ones. The preparatives have a direct effect on the cause of mimical wrinkles, ie. on muscle activity. A small dose of botulinum toxin is applied into the muscle and thus transmission of a neuromascular impulse is temporarily inhibited; then the muscle relaxes and wrinkles smooth out.

The effect is temporary and usually lasts for about 3 to 5 months. With a repeated procedure, the effect is gradually longer and lasts for even more than half a year. The miminum interval between the procedures should be at least 3 months. One application a year would be ideal.

Before fillers entered it is good if the skin will be prepared-hydrated, in this case the effect will be longer 12-14 months but the  effect is individual and depends on the selected preparation.

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